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Down Dog Yoga Studio



It was an unlikely combination that led to the building of Down Dog Studio at Midnight's Farm.


David Bill is a fisherman, farmer and operator of large machinery. Felicity Green is a world renown Iyengar Yoga teacher.  David had found yoga as part of his path of healing from a ruptured disk and Felicity was looking for new place to call home on Lopez Island.  The two collaborated in a courageous way.  David helped Felicity build a house on his land, then David cleared land for a yoga studio.

Over the next couple of years the studio was built. 


Each summer David, his family and Felicity would host yoga retreats on the land in which students would help  with the building of the studio: karma yoga at work.  Students slept in tents, ate scrumptious meals of local food, engaged deeply in their yoga practices and worked.  Felicity would lead the yoga aspect of the retreat and David would lead the work parties.  And so there came to be a beautiful yoga studio nestled in the center of the farm.

In 2009 Felicity retired from regular teaching and moved from the farm to the Hamlet in the village.  Llewellyn Arden has been her student for years and is now carrying on the tradition of high quality Iyengar classes at Down Dog Studio.  The spirit of Felicity lives on in the depth of practice and the precisely folded blankets.  The spirit of Karma yoga and collaboration lives on as well. 


Usually once a quarter there are work parties in which the teachers and students who use the space gather to give it a deep clean, fix what is broken and tend the garden beds. 


It is truly a community space which David still tends. 

Residents of the farm do yoga every morning (6:30am in summer, 7:00am in winter) and you are welcome to come join!

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