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On farm load ups of Compost and Wood chips

9:00am Mon-Sat

We are the first Department of Ecology approved composting facility in San Juan County.
We sell compost, wood chips and accept yard and wood waste.

Types & Prices

Packed with beneficial organisms and nutrients for your plants

A long-term investment in soil building organic matter for your garden

Sold Out of Compost until April 17th


Finer Compost

Lab-tested soil amendment for gardens, shrubs, berries, etc.

Screened through a 3/4 inch screen for a finer compost. 

$72/cubic yard 

($77.98 with tax)


Coarser Compost

Soil amendment for shrubs, trees, and topdressing gardens. Screened through a 1 1/4 inch screen.


$60/cubic yard 

($65.04 with tax)


Double Ground Wood Chips

Refined mulch for shrubs and trees.


$36/cubic yard 

($38.99 with tax)


Single Grind Wood Chips

Sturdier material than double grind.

Perfect for pathways, animal bedding or a durable mulch for trees. 

$26/cubic yard

($28.16 with tax) 

Compost Benefits

Water and nutrient retentive soil 

Healthy plants with all the essential nutrients, fungi, protozoa, bacteria and pH levels to help them grow 

Increased drought resilience and water holding capacity

(5% increase in organic matter = 4x capacity!) 

Delivery Available

Call (360) 468-3269 to schedule 

Minimum 2 yard


Maximum 10 yards 


$60 per load 


Local Lopez Island service only  

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