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Midnight's Farm Clean Load Commitment

Sign up is required to drop off materials at Midnight's Farm.  

With your commitment to sustainable resource management we can address climate change, reduce burn piles, and produce quality local compost and wood chips.

Your first and last name will serve as your member name entered in the payment kiosk when dropping off.

Please enter additional vehicles associated with this household or business in the box below.

For Commercial Customers Only

Checking the boxes below indicates that you agree to the following:

Check Your Load

The following are not accepted:

  • plastic

  • treated or painted wood

  • rocks

  • dirt

  • metal

  • noxious weeds, such as thistles, scotch broom, poison hemlock and spurge laurel (blackberries and ivy are accepted in yard debris)

  • food waste 

I understand that if I drop off contaminated loads I may be charged $5-$75 depending on severity and may be barred from dropping off. 


Yard Debris:
grass, leafy material, any material with seeds, deciduous branches, prunings, flowers, weeds, alder, salal, wild rose, blackberry vines, and fruit.


Wood Debris:
evergreen branches (fir, pine, cedar, etc.), dead woody material that is free of seeds (pine & fir cones are fine), and logs up to 24 inches in diameter.  Anything over 4 inches in diameter must be cut to 5 foot lengths.

Thank you for signing up and sharing our ongoing commitment to quality compost

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