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Midnight's Farm Values

Our ethics are based on land stewardship, climate consciousness and community.


These ethics guide our management practices and the choices that we make on the farm.


We believe in a purpose driven life. We do this through meaningful work, building a sustainable business, being mindful, eating well, maintaining a positive outlook and being community driven.


We embrace hard work and our leisure time.

Come join us! 


The Experience


"Couldn't recommend this place enough! I was here for a couple of weeks in September and it was absolutely perfect. Faith and David are kind, generous and interesting people, and the way they manage all the activities on the farm is truly inspiring (and they're great cooks!). The work is varied, interesting and flexible, from feeding the animals to planting/harvesting vegetables and processing food. The island is beautiful, you can cycle from the farm to pretty much anywhere (or even walk!). On top of everything, the whole community on Lopez Island is full of interesting and generous people - it's a magical place :)"

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