Komatsu Excavator (PC120 28,000 lbs) with progressive thumb, 18″, 36″, and 50″ buckets. 24″ tracks provide greater than normal flotation for reduced soil compaction. $135/hour

Volvo single axle dump truck with tool storage, water storage and pump, and 120 volt inverter. $85/hour

Komatsu Compact Track Loader (CK30 9,800 lbs.)  Low ground pressure rubber tracks provide flotation to minimize soil compaction and allowing effective work in muddy, sandy, and steep conditions.  Carries an assortment of attachments. Included at this price are the post hole auger, forks, and grapple rake.  $90/hour

Compact track loader with Harley rake.  Harley rake is the fastest way we know to level and clean up even pretty funky topsoil for a smooth-as-can-be lawn or what have you.  Has a rotating drum which tills and breaks up just the top couple inches, pushing the any rocks or debris into low spots or  windrows, which are then allows really easy pick up.  $120/hour

Compact track loader with 6 foot vibratory roller.   Roller compacting a drive or parking area is the way it’s supposed to be done!  Flattens and crushes outstanding rocks.  A world of difference.  $120/hour

Morbark 1000 Tub Grinder.  Grinds stumps to 12″ and brush pretty much as fast as one can toss stuff into it’s tub with the excavator.  We use it to grind up material for the compost pile and for bedding for the cattle overwinter area.  Production of chips in the range of 30-75 yards per hour.   $350/hr