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Everybody loves Ribs!

By |May 28th, 2015|

Ribs for dinner

Ribs with our own homemade bbq sauce, braised garlic scapes, fennel slaw and new potatoes….Yum!IMG_3193

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Soil Carbon Workshop

By |May 20th, 2015|

peter donovan poster (1)We are happy to host Peter Donovan in collaboration with the San Juan Island Ag Guild, WSU and the San Juan Island Conservation District.  The workshop is $15 per individual or $20 per Farm with RSVP or $20 at the door. Scholarships are available through the Ag guild.  If you want to come please do RSVP!!!!  It is cheaper that way!!!

Soil Carbon Workshop
Saturday May 30th 9-3
Lopez Island @ Midnight’s Farm (Potluck Lunch)
RSVP- or 468-3269

Sunday May 31st 9-3
San Juan Island (same workshop as Saturday on Lopez)
RSVP- or 378-6717

Soil Carbon Training (field monitoring, establishing baselines, etc.)
Monday June 1st 9-3
San Juan Island- Brickworks
RSVP- or 378-6717
Peter Donovan of the Soil Carbon Coalition offers a workshop for scientists and nonscientists, farmers and nonfarmers, climate activists and climate skeptics. Peter tells the fascinating story of why and how carbon cycling was discovered, why the problem-solving orientation of most individuals, organizations, and institutions camouflages the opportunity to manage wholes such as carbon or water cycling, and what to do about it.

The workshop will cover some or all of the following topics, depending on the situation:

almost all power comes from the sun, through seven generations of sunlight
the deep relationship between carbon and water, in the soil pore and in the atmosphere
the major discoveries of the carbon cycle by western science from 1600s to the present; major shifts in understanding are ongoing
the separation of scientific disciplines that has contributed to today’s fragmentary and confused views of the circle of life
human influences on carbon cycling from Paleolithic times to the present
why soils are the center of gravity of the circle of life, even though oceans and rocks contain much more carbon
how and why carbon cycling is an emergent phenomenon or process, resulting from the choices and metabolisms of trillions of autonomous, self-motivated organisms, from humans to microbes
the surprising implications of these changing understandings for policy, decision making, leadership, and long-term investment.
the opportunities and assets for recognizing possibility and leadership in your community and network, and how to recognize as well as empower these possibilities by observing change over time in soil and water.
We aim to enlist and equip observers of biological work, whether citizens, land managers, organizations and groups, and governments and institutions. Expected outcomes include a deeper understanding of the carbon cycle and the water cycle, of human opportunities to make a difference, and the formation of a strategy that participants can take to foster positive change.

PETER DONOVAN has been establishing baseline measurements for soil carbon change on innovative land managers from Mexico to Canada, Vermont to California as part of the Soil Carbon Challenge. He wants to help people move from a problem-solving orientation around carbon cycling, soils, water, and climate, to a creative one.

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Happy Steers

By |May 12th, 2015|

I let the cattle into the vetch, oats and clover in the garden today.  They were very excited and munched that little section down in a few hours.


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