By |December 31st, 2014|


Midnight’s Farm Pork!! We are taking orders for our January Harvest. These piggies have been fed organic feed, garden goodies, lots of fall apple mash, and have had room to root and roam in the pasture and hedgerow.

There are three ways to buy our pork:

  • 1) By the half or whole animal @$5.35/lb hanging weight. These animals should run roughly around 250lbs. Take home meat is usually 75% of hanging weight. Sausage is an additional charge of $1.25/lb. Pick up is available on the farm or from the IGFC plant in Bow. This is the most economical option and if you love pork and have a freezer this is the way to go. These orders need to be in by the 10th of January.
  • 2) $100 for 15lb variety pack box. The variety pack includes a roast, chops, sidepork, sausage and other cuts. It will fit in a fridge freezer and is a good option for those who have limited freezer room or are not regular pork eaters.   We’ll have these available on Lopez until we run out, but we’d appreciate your order by the 18th of January. Orders placed by the 18th can be delivered to Seattle or can be picked up from the IGFC plant in Bow.
  • 3) By the piece from the farm freezer. This gives you full flexibility in choosing cuts and amounts. It is market prices and the least economical.


Seattle folk- we will be making a delivery trip to the city.