Poem for summer

By |July 15th, 2014|

Cutting hay and drying sheets

Cutting hay and drying sheets

Hanging Laundry


With fingers cool in the morning sun

I hang the next crumpled shirt

on line strung from tree to porch

and then reach again

into the basket with the broken handle.


With dishrags like little flags,

I claim this simple act

as revolution.


I could write a manifesto

about the hungry rush of the dryer

connected through the power grid

to the heavy black addiction of our time.


I claim instead this moment

to step outside,

notice the migratory song

of swainson’s thrush,

lift the weight of damp cotton:

a pair of jeans,

underwear with holes,

the odd sock

and pin each one on the line,

pin it as an offering to sun, wind and simplicity.


Faith Van De Putte 2014