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By |March 28th, 2014|

We finally started the greenhouse.  We poured the concrete this morning in the drizzle.  I am going to post a full explanation of the design (it is moveable on rails) once we are done.  For now I will share a little poem inspired by the pour:


they say.

When something is real.


Concrete pours

out of the truck

a lumpy half liquid,

spilling, glumping,



It needs forms to keep

its form.


Needs guides

and rules

and discipline.

Until suddenly

it is solid,

an accountable part of reality.



one shape

one function.


Scared to the bones of cracking.

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First Planting!

By |March 21st, 2014|

Floating row cover over peas and lettuce.

Floating row cover over peas and lettuce.

Peas in the ground!

Finally, warmth enough to put the first seeds in the ground.  Peas.  I love planting peas.  The round firm seeds.   The ground, damp and rich opened up to receive the first planting. Earthworms wiggling out of the way.  Two rows of sugarsnaps.  With mixed lettuce starts nestled on the south border of the row.  I know the juncos like to eat the shoots once they get going so I was proactive this year and covered the rows from the get-go with floating row cover.   Last year I had to do two plantings because of the birds.  It is sad to come out to the garden and find the peas all mowed down!

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Jess and the Norovirus

By |March 9th, 2014|

imageWe have been really happy to welcome our first WWOOFer of 2014.  Jess from Vermont.  She showed up Friday night full of positive energy and ready to get to work.  We have been excited about her coming and had plans to erect the high tunnel while she was here.

Plans change!  Saturday morning I woke up feeling strange.  By mid-day we knew something was not right when David “just wasn’t hungry” for lunch.  By evening we realized that it had not been food poisoning that Sage and Nathan had had a few days earlier and that in watching little Eden Luna we had been exposed to the dreaded Norovirus.  It is the one that has made headlines from sickening hundreds at a time on cruiseships.  Well, this time it made its way through Midnight’s Farm.

And yes, Jess did succumb.

But after a day down and a day of recovery, many cups of ginger peppermint tea,  we were all back at it. Jess and I got the orchard pruned, David moved compost and it even stopped raining.

The high tunnels are still in pieces. It is has been too wet anyway.  Jess is still optimistic and we are going to miss her when she heads back to Vermont on Sunday.


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